who are we

our mission

The mission of our church is summarized in a single sentence: CenterPoint Christian Fellowship exists to see unchurched people become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Vision and Values


The spiritual transformation of Northern Nevada and the Mountain West through the power of Jesus Christ


  1. Evangelism occurs primarily in relational contexts in family, work, neighborhood, and community settings and secondarily in outreach events that are easily accessible to seekers
  2. God’s Word is consistently and relevantly taught in corporate worship, small groups, classes, personal discipleship, and through creative activities.
  3. Performing Arts are honored and utilized to the glory of God in a fashion relevant and accessible to seekers
  4. Community life in the church family is so honored that division and gossip are confronted quickly, clearly, and resolved in accordance with Biblical principles of fellowship and conflict resolution
  5. Spiritual gifts discovery and utilization are essential aspects of discipleship for every believer
  6. Ministry programs and activities are started, led, and grown by gifted men and women from the church family
  7. Support ministries are led by people with serving gifts. These people are regularly honored and affirmed
  8. Pastoral staff model ministry values of team, affirmation, and excellence through their teaching and relating with the church family
  9. We honor those God has gifted and called to authority. Those in authority exercise their leadership with humility and grace as servant-leaders
  10. Stewardship of God’s financial resources is practiced, modeled, and taught with passion and clarity