Special Message from the Pastor:  Heavenly Father – we lift up all those involved in this senseless tragedy in Las Vegas – the victims, their families, their friends, all of whom are going through unimaginable grief and pain Lord.  Father, we pray that through all of this You would bring healing and comfort, and even in the midst of this evil act, Your presence will be made known to these, our hurting Nevada neighbors.  Father, for the injured we pray for healing, Lord guide the hands of the doctors and surgeons, and have the healing presence of Your Holy Spirit bring forth complete recovery. To those that are still reeling from the emotional trauma of such a senseless act, we pray for the comfort of Your Spirit to make Your presence known. At such horrific times as these we just can’t imagine why, we can’t understand what would bring someone to inflict such meaningless acts of evil. However, Father, we have to hold onto the fact that even though we live in a fallen world, You Lord, are still a God of love, and a God of all comfort. In such a time as this please help us all to know that You are with us and You are in control. We lean on Your comfort and guidance, even when we don’t completely understand what goes on around us.  Father once again we lift all those involved in this tragedy; be with them, bring them healing and peace.
In the precious name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.

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